Creators for Net Neutrality

The Internet is coming together to fight for Net Neutrality, and the ICG wants to make sure creators' voices are heard.

How can creators join the fight? The open letter below by the Internet Creators Guild on behalf of online creators demands the FCC and Congress do not dismantle net neutrality rules. If you are an online creator who hasn’t already signed on, be sure to add your name here!

What's at stake? Telecom giants like Comcast and Verizon want to end net neutrality so they can control what creators and users see and do online. Very soon, the FCC will let them, unless we all speak out to stop it. This is a battle for the Internet's future. Learn more about how Net Neutrality affects creators.

Want to get more involved? If we’re going to keep the web open for creativity and exchange of ideas, we need your help to direct your communities to for the day of action on July 12th using these tools

The Open Letter

This letter has been signed by over 900 creators who reach an audience of over 242,045,523 people.

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Dear FCC Chairman Ajit Pai & Members of Congress,

We are online creators. We believe making stuff on the Internet is one of the best jobs in the world, and we have been blessed to earn a living doing so in a country where every creator has an equal shot at reaching people on the open Internet.

Online video traffic already represents over 70% of all global web traffic and is estimated to grow to over 80% of all traffic by 2020. Our rapidly growing industry employs hundreds of thousands of people and yet it barely existed more than a decade ago. As creators in this fast-moving industry, changes to the existing Net Neutrality rules would have an outsized impact on our field and jeopardize our livelihood.

Net Neutrality has been crucial to maintaining a level playing field for all creators – from those with tens of millions of subscribers to those with 12 subscribers. Content from all is served equally and this ensures an equal opportunity for success to anyone wishing to enter the market. Independent creators such as ourselves would be greatly disadvantaged by the removal of Title II protections and the inevitable creation of fast lanes that would privilege the large media companies that can afford to pay for such service.

The Internet is essential infrastructure for our economy and culture. It has ushered in an unprecedented era of freedom for communication. And thanks to strong net neutrality rules, users have been in the driver’s seat of choosing what is successful online, without interference from government or Internet service provider (ISP) gatekeepers.

Unfortunately, the FCC’s current plan to roll-back the 2015 Open Internet Order directly attacks these liberties, and gives ISPs new top-down controls over how our creations are distributed.

In 2015, over 4 million people spoke out to demand strong, enforceable net neutrality rules rooted in Title II protections to keep the Internet open, and to prevent telecommunications giants from controlling what we see, hear and do online. With the 2015 Open Internet Order, Internet users secured the strongest legal foundation for net neutrality possible.

But now, an effort to undo these strong protections is being rammed through the FCC, despite a public outcry from millions of Internet users, civil society organizations and companies across the political spectrum. As many experts have pointed out, the FCC’s new regulations would allow ISPs to block, throttle, and divide the Internet into fast and slow lanes.

We agree with the overwhelming majority of Americans who support strong net neutrality protections, and do not think telecom companies should be given powers to block or slow services online.

ISPs like Comcast could become gatekeepers of the Internet, using their powers to favor certain content based on how much they can pay, or which companies have a seat at the table. There are also conflicts of interest where the largest ISPs own media outlets, and can give more favorable treatment to their content over our creations.

These regulatory changes will give ISPs immense influence over how we as creators can connect with each other and our audiences. If real Title II net neutrality is lost, we will lose the permissionless innovation that has made creativity on the Internet so great. Internet providers will have new influence over how we as creators can connect with each other and our audiences, which will have major implications for the diversity of voices available online.

In response, the Internet Creators Guild and the undersigned are committed to ensuring the Internet remains an open platform and oppose any rollback of the 2015 Open Internet Order. Our audiences and the American public, regardless of political orientation, favor strong net neutrality protections. We will use the open Internet to organize to stop the FCC from rolling back net neutrality rules.

We’re in this for the long-haul. We will fight for as long as it takes to convince you and your colleagues to oppose any legislation or regulatory changes that would threaten real, enforceable Title II net neutrality.

These protections promote cultural and economic freedoms that drive creativity, job creation, and investment in broadband – and, importantly, prevent telecom monopolies from controlling what we see, hear, and create on the Internet.

We strongly urge you to oppose anything that would threaten this level playing field. The stakes are simply too high for our democracy, culture, and economy.


This letter has been signed by over 900 creators who reach an audience of over 242,045,523 people.

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Benny Fine

20,000,000 subscribers

Dane Boedigheimer

15,000,000 subscribers

Link Neal

12,500,000 subscribers

Ned Fulmer

12,500,000 subscribers

Rhett McLaughlin

12,500,000 subscribers

Burnie Burns

9,000,000 subscribers

Ellie HT

9,000,000 subscribers

Hank Green

9,000,000 subscribers

John Green

9,000,000 subscribers

Tyler N Spicer

9,000,000 subscribers

Mindy McKnight

5,200,000 subscribers

Meg DeAngelis

5,000,000 subscribers

Caitlin Hofmeister

4,317,423 subscribers

Derek Muller

4,250,000 subscribers

Corinne Leigh

4,000,000 subscribers

Jon Cozart

4,000,000 subscribers

Kandee Johnson

4,000,000 subscribers

Rob Czar

4,000,000 subscribers

Sam Gorski

4,000,000 subscribers

Henry Reich

3,876,000 subscribers

Ali Spagnola

3,100,000 subscribers

Andrew Rose Gregory

3,050,000 subscribers

Sarah Fullen Gregory

3,050,000 subscribers

Grace Helbig

3,000,000 subscribers

Annalee Belle

2,800,000 subscribers

Julia Gilman

2,600,000 subscribers

Hannah Hart

2,500,000 subscribers

Andrew Scites

2,400,000 subscribers

Joel Berghult

2,400,000 subscribers

Charlie McDonnell

2,300,000 subscribers

Mike Tompkins

2,200,000 subscribers

Shane Gill

2,200,000 subscribers

Louis Cole

1,900,000 subscribers

Alec Opperman

1,800,000 subscribers

Anna Akana

1,800,000 subscribers

Jacob Salamon

1,800,000 subscribers

Sarah Takacs

1,800,000 subscribers

Austin Hargrave

1,754,079 subscribers

Anna Brisbin

1,700,000 subscribers

Ben Ebbrell

1,700,000 subscribers

Shannon Jones

1,646,000 subscribers

Greg Benson

1,500,000 subscribers

Joe Hanson

1,400,000 subscribers

Jonathan Carlin

1,328,500 subscribers

John Gelardi

1,300,000 subscribers

Mark Olsen

1,300,000 subscribers

Michael Murphy

1,300,000 subscribers

Stuart Clive Ashen

1,275,627 subscribers

Vi Hart

1,200,000 subscribers

Matthew Peake

1,180,216 subscribers

Whitney Avalon

1,164,563 subscribers

Dodie Clark

1,108,000 subscribers

Kristin Chirico

1,100,000 subscribers

Soraya Een Hajji

1,092,243 subscribers

Nathan Maingard

1,000,000 subscribers

Rob Scallon

1,000,000 subscribers

Tessa Violet

1,000,000 subscribers

William Keesee

1,000,000 subscribers

Yue Wang

1,000,000 subscribers

Maya Washington

930,000 subscribers

Olan Rogers

918,000 subscribers

Olan Rogers

918,000 subscribers

Andrew Huang

850,000 subscribers

Olga Kay

850,000 subscribers

Flula Borg

795,000 subscribers

Gaby Dunn

755,000 subscribers

Ivania Turner

750,000 subscribers

Jessica Hill

750,000 subscribers


727,600 subscribers

Shawna Howson

700,000 subscribers

Simone Giertz

669,000 subscribers

Jared Polin

660,000 subscribers

Sam Pottorff

660,000 subscribers

Simon Cade

620,000 subscribers

Andre "Black Nerd"

612,038 subscribers

Aaron Yonda

600,000 subscribers

Ben Lamoreux

592,603 subscribers

Craig Benzine

582,000 subscribers

Tommy Edison

530,000 subscribers

Allison Speed

520,000 subscribers

Rachel Evans

500,000 subscribers

Zach Kornfeld

500,000 subscribers

Joey Richard Briggs

426,084 subscribers

Mary Doodles

420,500 subscribers

A. Parker Severson

400,000 subscribers

Nicola Foti

380,000 subscribers

Scott Niswander

375,000 subscribers

Christine Riccio

360,000 subscribers

Hannah Witton

354,000 subscribers

Marko Ayling

350,000 subscribers

Erin Wayne

345,000 subscribers

Nadine Sykora

342,622 subscribers

Jair Moreno Woo

340,201 subscribers

Kristen Valnicek

333,000 subscribers

Lindsey Doe

333,000 subscribers

Ted Forbes

330,443 subscribers

Chandler Wilson

330,000 subscribers

Tim Schmoyer

300,000 subscribers

Tim Schmoyer

300,000 subscribers

Darren Fizz

270,000 subscribers

Lucy Evenden

270,000 subscribers

Shannon Boodram

270,000 subscribers

Jay Bushman

269,000 subscribers

Tessa Netting

230,000 subscribers

Kirsten Sanford

205,000 subscribers

Peter Coffin

202,000 subscribers

Sara Dietschy

200,000 subscribers

Kati Morton

197,000 subscribers

Miles Luna

191,000 subscribers

Bob Jennings

178,000 subscribers

Alayna Fender

177,000 subscribers

Michael Falzone

173,490 subscribers

Sabrina Cruz

160,000 subscribers

Daniel O'Dwyer

135,000 subscribers

Daniel O'Dwyer

135,000 subscribers

Giordano Nanni

133,000 subscribers

Ricardo Aguiar, Jr.

132,610 subscribers

Liam Dryden

127,000 subscribers

JD Scott

124,141 subscribers

LeeRoy Holmes

124,000 subscribers

Kat Blaque

123,000 subscribers

Ariel Bissett

120,000 subscribers

Haresh Tilani

108,425 subscribers

Cyrille Aimée

100,000 subscribers

Dotan Negrin

100,000 subscribers


100,000 subscribers

Lauren Shippen

100,000 subscribers

Kevin Peterson

88,000 subscribers

Ava Gordy

86,000 subscribers

Aidan Walker

84,144 subscribers

Lauren Fairweather

76,000 subscribers

Damon LeFever

73,000 subscribers

Mike Eumgyeong

73,000 subscribers

Matthew Weathers

68,000 subscribers

Prince L Bell, Jr

60,765 subscribers

Tom Burns

58,000 subscribers

Charlie Prangley

57,000 subscribers

Joseph Allam

56,000 subscribers

Richard Linnell

55,000 subscribers

Rosianna Halse Rojas

55,000 subscribers

Rikki Poynter

52,976 subscribers

James Hart

50,000 subscribers

Jonny Troche

44,000 subscribers

Amy Tan

43,000 subscribers

Joe Bereta

42,500 subscribers

Darrell H Cuasey Jr.

42,000 subscribers

Tully Sanem

38,000 subscribers

Chris Rupp

36,000 subscribers

Basho Mosko

33,574 subscribers

MC Lars

33,000 subscribers

Jazmyn Drakeford

30,000 subscribers

Mary Kate Wiles

28,200 subscribers


25,000 subscribers

Kaitlyn Pendleton

24,000 subscribers

Inés Laura Dawson

23,000 subscribers

Ashleigh Rose Walker

22,556 subscribers

Romina Espinosa

20,000 subscribers

Kayla Tompkins

18,000 subscribers

Mark Gardner

15,000 subscribers

Jason Arce

14,323 subscribers

Alex Vorhies

14,245 subscribers

Sam Stephenson

14,186 subscribers

Emma McGann

14,000 subscribers

Chris Lam

12,000 subscribers

Luke Noonan

11,860 subscribers

Ahsante Bean

11,600 subscribers

Stephen Hocking

11,300 subscribers

Alex Hicks

11,156 subscribers

Josiah Clark

11,000 subscribers

Tyler Whitlow

10,000 subscribers

Ace Unhacked

9,000 subscribers

Christopher Joseph Rocchio

8,911 subscribers

Ben Churchill

8,000 subscribers

Taylor Behnke

8,000 subscribers

Erika Lynae

7,089 subscribers

Patrick Gregory Jackson

6,847 subscribers

Autumn Boyette

6,558 subscribers

Joey Helms

6,522 subscribers


6,214 subscribers

Steven Zurita

6,175 subscribers

Lindsay Amer

6,045 subscribers

James Bixby

6,000 subscribers

Robert Heidel

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John C. Spivey

5,126 subscribers

Kevin Brettauer

5,000 subscribers

Sarah Moran, RDN

4,994 subscribers

Julian James Whatley

4,224 subscribers

Miriam Nielsen

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Anthony D'Angelo

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Stephen Stedman

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Abhimanyu Kapoor

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Davin Tjen

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Jamin Messenger

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Mitchel Loh

3,000 subscribers

Nick Briz

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Adele Katherine Ackerman

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Alyssa McCarthy

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Timothy Allen Spurlock

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Anthony McRae

2,205 subscribers

Paul Roth

2,149 subscribers

Phyllis Khare

2,100 subscribers

Charlie Danvers

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Emma McDonald

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Matt Mort

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Joshua Ruffolo

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Kristeen Romero

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1,500 subscribers

James Watson

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Jared Kotoff & Tiffany Tran

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119 subscribers

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Jeffery R. Thomas

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Jasun Spriggs

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Steven Kelsea Tyler

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Martin Hilal

100 subscribers

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