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Members include creators from a variety of creative fields, including online video, podcasting, writing, photography, design, music, and visual arts. Our initial projects skew toward online video because that’s what we know best.

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Learn strategies from a variety of creators about monetization, building a business, managing your community, and more.

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Conversations about career twists & turns and online community philosophies between host Hank Green and creators or industry members.

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Join Slack to connect with creator peers, ask questions, discuss the news, and get support.

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Save money with partners such as VidCon, Epidemic Sound, VidIQ, and TubeBuddy.

Everyone gets something different from the ICG.

We primarily focus on helping creators who work in online content creation professionally, and individuals at different stages of their careers can get support from and contribute to ICG in various ways.

If you're a professional creator...

You earn a living from your craft creating content online.

Learn what worked and didn’t work for other creators across a variety of topics: hiring employees, using a new platform feature, or balancing a creative career with your mental health. You can also get direct help from our team, including referrals to talent representation companies or support reaching platforms.

If you're an established creator...

You're a leading figure in the industry as an online creator.

Magnify your voice and influence by joining our initiatives for the common good and helping us establish standards that will make the industry more stable. You can provide mentorship and data to help upcoming creators rise up, with the goal of making the profession of online creation more sustainable.

If you're rising creator...

You're working towards being a professional creator.

Read strategies from established creators about the tipping points in their careers. You will gain a more nuanced understanding of monetization, business, and audience management strategies to help you get ahead in the game.

If you're an industry professional...

You're not a creator or eligible for membership.

We want to make sure that our members are creators so this can be a place where people are safe to discuss their problems free of platforms, sponsors, networks, and even fans. However, as an industry expert, you can participate in our initiatives by contributing to research projects, creator resources, and events.

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