This is a pretty new idea, and it could be a lot of different things. But it is not, it is just the things it is, so to help clarify, here’s a FAQ.

  • Can I be a member if…

    If you support yourself primarily from your online creative work, you can be a member, as long as you are a human (not a corporation). If you create content for a production studio or company, you are eligible.

    We will screen applicants to ensure that they are not primarily working for networks, advertisers, or platforms. We do this to ensure the ICG gives creators opportunities to be honest and frank about their difficulties, successes, strategies, and frustrations. We are dedicated to protecting this space by making sure all members of this organization are themselves creators.

  • Do I have to be a creator of online video?

    No, you don’t. Some of the starting resources and initiatives for this organization have a focus on online video because that’s what we know best. However, we want to work to increase the usefulness of this organization to podcasters, photographers, bloggers, etc...and whatever else comes next.

  • I'm not in the US. Can I join?

    Absolutely! Just as the internet is global, so is the Internet Creators Guild. Although many of our initial resources will be in English, we hope the ICG is useful to creators of any nationality.

  • What is the difference between the membership tiers?

    We offer membership tiers at varying amounts to allow creators to choose the amount they’re able to donate - including the flexibility of monthly giving. As we grow, we may move towards a model that offers varying benefits for these amounts. In the early days of this organization, our members have expressed their desire to fund ICG's advocacy work for its importance in the long-term future of their industry, and we’re extremely grateful for creators’ support in this work.

  • I’m not a creator, but I work in a related role in the industry… how can I help?

    We’d love for you to contribute expertise, funding, awareness-raising, and partnership on specific projects. Please contact us for more information.

    • MCN employees, lawyers, managers, agents, and other industry professionals can contribute to initiatives, our Knowledge Base and the ICG Publication.
    • Companies or individuals can donate to help fund resources for larger initiatives or purchase bulk memberships for creators.
    • Press can be in touch for research and our perspective on a story about online creators.
    • Related advocacy and policy organizations can discuss partnership opportunities.

    If any of this sounds good to you, you can use our contact form to get in touch.

  • Will you offer benefits like {insert other guild or association here}?

    To start, we will be focused on education, support, and advocating on behalf of online creators. In the future this may evolve, but we will not currently provide negotiated rates, work rules, health & worker's comp insurance, etc. However, if you have an idea for something we should do, let us know!

  • How are board members chosen?

    The first requirement is that we’d seen our board members do something that showed their commitment to the broader community of online video creators. Other than that, we were looking for a group of people that helped make the organization more representative of the extremely broad and diverse group of online creators. We will turn over and expand the board periodically to bring in new perspectives and connections within the industry.

  • What if there’s a member of the ICG who does something awful?

    We are not going to be able to be morality police. There have been a number of times when it’s been discovered that members of the online creative community have misused their power, or committed crimes. Of course, if it becomes clear that a member of the organization has committed violent crimes, we will remove their membership. But this organization is not meant to be an arbiter of what is and is not acceptable conduct, as we are not the legal system.

  • Will you be using this organization to go after X organization?

    The ICG is committed to working with all stakeholders. We will amplify voices and will take positions, but it will always strive to understand the complexity of these issues, explain them to members, and work with other stakeholders to move forward productively.

  • I'm having trouble with my Premiere export…

    ICG staff can’t help you with technical problems. But we will be happy to connect creators to each other for this sort of help through a variety of internet-based platforms.

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