Who We Are

The ICG is by and for creators who believe that making stuff on the internet is one of the best jobs.

We want that job to be available to more people. This organization was conceived by Hank Green and executed by our board and executive director Laura Chernikoff.

The Internet Creators Guild was incorporated in 2016 and is designated a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. ICG is a trade association that operates for the benefit of our members and the profession of online creation as a whole.

The Staff

These individuals run the day-to-day for ICG and are responsible for executing the vision of the Board of Directors.
Laura Chernikoff
Executive Director

Laura has been working with YouTube creators since 2010 when she helped organize the first VidCon in Century City, California. For years, as Guest Manager, she was in charge of making VidCon as great as possible for creators, understanding their needs, and advocating on their behalf inside the company. This has given her unique insight into the diversity of needs of online creators.

Lindsay Ballantyne
Operations Manager

Lindsay has been Laura's right hand woman in several capacities over the years assisting with Guest Management for VidCon, focusing on communications with and the experience of creators participating in the event. She's been engaged in online communities for over 10 years and is excited to actively work for their betterment.

Teryn Gray
Communications Manager

Teryn has been involved in online communities since the days of Vlogbrothers’ “Accio, Deathly Hallows,” extending across a multitude of YouTube creator spaces and online forums. In recent years, she has worked closely with creators at VidCon as a Guest Team Assistant and Signing Hall Manager. Teryn lives in NYC and is also an actor, musical theater performer, social media manager, and events enthusiast.

Amanda Saffer
Web Designer & Developer

Amanda has been creating things on the internet for as long as she can remember. She got her start making Harry Potter fansites on Geocities before graduating to Livejournal and MySpace. Now, she helps creators and entrepreneurs bring their visions to life in the form of modern web and mobile applications. Amanda lives near Denver, Colorado with her husband and two cats.

Board of Directors

These individuals represent a wide range of views in the online creator community and are responsible for ICG's long-term vision.

Anna is a comic, actress, filmmaker and online content creator who lives with her 4 cats in Los Angeles. She's known for creating weekly comedic content, short films, and serialized shows. She also co-hosts the podcast Explain Things To Me, has a monthly stand up show at Nerdmelt, and runs the clothing company Ghost & Stars.

Olan is a comedian, filmmaker, animator, and entrepreneur. In addition to creating YouTube content, he develops meaningful connections in his community through projects like a Soda Parlor, summer outdoor movie & concert series, and clothing store in Nashville.

Erin has been a nerd her entire life, but got involved with both live and VOD content creation in 2012. Currently the Lead Community Manager at Twitch, she is also involved in charitable efforts with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Extra Life, and Game Changer Charity.

Burnie Burns is a writer, actor, producer, comedian, host, and entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas. He co-founded Rooster Teeth, one of the first online video companies in 2003. He continues to be a powerful innovator in the online video and gaming industries, creating high production value content such as Red vs. Blue and fostering community connections at the annual RTX event.

Ash is a vlogger with strong perspectives on social justice and a passion for giving a voice to the community of small creators on YouTube. They are on the path to becoming a full time content creator and are working on a documentary featuring small creators, as well as converting their web series "The ABC's of LGBT" into a published book.

Rowan speaks online (and off) about issues of representation and activism, advocating for women's rights and LGBTQ+ issues. She has been selected as a UK YouTube Ambassador, and is one of the founders of the FemTube movement which seeks to empower women on the platform.

Taylor is writer, storyteller, and video creator based in New York. In addition to creating her own content, she works as a digital organizing strategist helping organizations like Hillary for America and GLAAD create social change online.

Advisory Board

These creators are leading visionaries in the industry, contributing their perspectives and guidance in support of the ICG’s mission.

Hank Green started making YouTube videos in 2007 with his brother, John. They thought it was a pretty dumb idea, but it turned out quite good. Hank has worked to help encourage thoughtful practices in internet creation and to help more people make a living making stuff on the internet with DFTBA.com, a merch company, and Subbable, a voluntary subscription platform that was acquired by Patreon.

Casey Neistat is the co-founder of Beme and a YouTuber with over 3M followers. He’s also produced two feature films, wrote and directed an HBO series and created a number of short films for the New York Times. In early 2014, Casey shifted his focus to creating Beme, a platform that enables users to share their experiences and perspective via video without the burden of having to edit, create, or upload.

Anthony D’Angelo

Anthony D'Angelo researches the history, politics, and practice of video on the internet at USC's School of Cinematic Arts.

Linnea Toney is a Talent Manager and Executive Producer with projects spanning digital and traditional media. Previously, Linnea worked in scripted television at Ryan Seacrest Productions developing comedy and drama projects such as ABC's Mixology and NBC's Shades of Blue. She began her career at the Austin Film Festival as the conference director.

Sarah Weichel is one of the leading global, digital talent managers. She is the strategic force behind some of the industry’s most popular and successful creators including Lilly Singh, Hannah Hart, Jon Cozart, Anthony Padilla and Asap Science.

Matt Gielen is the CEO and founder of Little Monster Media Co. Formerly, he was VP of Programming and Audience Development at Frederator Networks.

Matt Maggiacomo is the Executive Director of the Harry Potter Alliance, wizard rock musician, dad in plaid, amateur gardener, and all around goober.

Previous Team & Board Members

Thanks to these previous team and board members for their support.
Leslie Datsis
Community & Social Media Manager
Amanda McLoughlin
Community Manager
Jonathan Katz
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