Who We Are

The ICG is by and for creators who believe that making stuff on the internet is one of the best jobs.

We want that job to be available to more people. This organization was conceived by Hank Green and executed by our board and executive director Laura Chernikoff.

The Internet Creators Guild was incorporated in 2016 and is designated a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. ICG is a trade association that operates for the benefit of our members and the profession of online creation as a whole.

The Team

These creators are leading visionaries in the industry, contributing their perspectives and guidance in support of the ICG’s mission.

Hank Green started making YouTube videos in 2007 with his brother, John. They thought it was a pretty dumb idea, but it turned out quite good. Hank has worked to help encourage thoughtful practices in internet creation and to help more people make a living making stuff on the internet with DFTBA.com, a merch company, and Subbable, a voluntary subscription platform that was acquired by Patreon.

Anthony spent his undergrad years cataloging open-access resources concerning the history, politics, and economics of YouTube. His personal curriculum drew from numerous peer-reviewed journals and trade publications, as well as his personal experiences as a creator since 2007. Previously, he consulted as Head of Creator Track Experience for VidCon 2017, and managed cross-platform publication of 40+ webseries for SoulPancake.

Taylor is writer, storyteller, and video creator based in New York. In addition to creating her own content, she works as a digital organizing strategist helping organizations like Hillary for America and GLAAD create social change online.

Ash is a vlogger with strong perspectives on social justice and a passion for giving a voice to the community of small creators on YouTube. They are on the path to becoming a full time content creator and are working on a documentary featuring small creators, as well as converting their web series "The ABC's of LGBT" into a published book.

Rowan speaks online (and off) about issues of representation and activism, advocating for women's rights and LGBTQ+ issues. She has been selected as a UK YouTube Ambassador, and is one of the founders of the FemTube movement which seeks to empower women on the platform.

Mary is a podcaster, video creator, and community organizer based in Washington D.C. She has been an active part of the digital creator community since 2010. Through the years, Mary has become an active voice in the YouTube community, organizing the event Community Unite at Playlist Live and the #LittleButLoved campaign. Mary has also worked as a guest manager at Buffer Festival and currently specializes in nonprofit digital advocacy and strategy for Rational 360. Mary's current digital projects are her podcasts, Make New Friends, and Museum Masters.

Kelly is a Toronto based Creator who shares her stories and experiences as a Queer woman of colour. Through her education and involvement in campus politics at Ryerson University, she fine tuned her skills in organization building. After working at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), she continues to combine skills in community building and politics to create change.

Previous Team & Board Members

Thanks to these previous team and board members for their support.
Laura Chernikoff
Executive Director
Leslie Datsis
Community & Social Media Manager
Amanda McLoughlin
Community Manager
Jonathan Katz
Teryn Gray
Communications Manager
Lindsay Ballantyne
Operations Manager
Amanda Saffer
Web Designer & Developer
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