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There are now tens of thousands of people making their living creating online content.

Until now there hasn’t been an organization that exists solely to promote their interests. The ICG is here to resolve challenges faced by many creators as well as to advocate for creators to platforms, policy makers, and press.

Additionally, we collect stories and strategies from established creators, bring together the brightest minds in the industry to share their expertise, and present creator-focused analyses of news events and product developments.

Above all, we believe there is strength in numbers for creators. Together, we will make this profession more esteemed and sustainable.

What values are important to the ICG?

Creators already have many tools and skills that contribute to their success. We aim to magnify their efforts to define the digital industry by bringing them together as a collective voice and in a safe space. In doing so, we can overcome challenges that one individual can’t solve alone.

Laura Chernikoff Executive Director

What do you hope the ICG will accomplish?

This is becoming a huge industry, but information and support has always been hard to come by in such a distributed world. If we do not band together we will never be able to control our destiny.

Hank Green Founder & Advisory Board Member

What do you hope the ICG will accomplish?

I'm hoping we can be a valuable resource for creators of all platforms. As standalone individuals in the industry, it's hard to find ways to communicate and support each other. It's about time something like ICG formed that has our best interests in mind.

Anna Akana President of the Board of Directors

Why is it important for creators to have the ICG right now?

Brands and networks and social platforms all like to say that they care about creators, but at the end of the day, their own bottom line is their first priority. The ICG is an organization that cares about us, the creator community, as its first priority.

RJ Aguiar Founding Member

What do you hope the ICG will accomplish?

More than anything, I hope the ICG can mentor those who have discovered their means of making a creative impact, but desire technical and practical guidance in making their work sustainable. ICG can address the many unexplained aspects about being creatively and economically responsible.

Satchell Drakes Board of Directors

What do you hope the ICG will accomplish?

I believe that the ICG can be a voice for many creators who want & need their voices heard by platforms who don’t provide a lot of answers, only more questions.

Olan Rogers Vice President of Board of Directors

Why is it important for creators to have the ICG right now?

Talking to big companies is scary, answering the demands of an audience is exhausting, and finding people who care about the struggles of being an internet person is tough. At least it was until the ICG popped up.

Jon Cozart Founding Member

Serving All Creators

We represent creators’ interests by developing initiatives and building alliances that serve all individuals who make stuff online.

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We are a membership association, relying on the annual dues of members to fund our work on behalf of all creators.

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